Playboy Magazine, June 1995

July 24, 2023 in PlayBoy 90s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, June 1995

Playboy's June 1995 issue begins with a candid conversation with Joycelyn Elders, a trailblazing public health advocate, in the 'Playboy Interview'. The issue's key articles include 'The Safe Generation', a comprehensive Playboy report on societal trends and 'Come Out Swinging', a stimulating read.

The pictorials in this issue feature 'The Immoral Mr. Meyer', a provocative photoshoot, and 'Playboy Gallery: Shannon Tweed', showcasing the stunning actress and model. The fiction section presents the engaging story 'Skeeks' to enthrall the readers.

'Beautiful Screamers' takes readers on a journey through the world of car enthusiasts, while 'Citizen Turner', a Playboy profile, offers an intriguing look at media mogul Ted Turner. 'Help Us, Rhonda' introduces the Playmate of the Month, with 'Party Jokes' ensuring a humor-filled read.

'Tactile Ties' and 'In the Swim' guide readers through summer's hottest fashion trends, while 'Gifts for Dads & Grads' under modern living provides perfect gift ideas for the season's celebrations. The satirical piece 'An Interview with Pope John Paul II' adds a touch of humor and irreverence.

The issue concludes with 'Playmate of the Year', a classic Playboy feature, and '20 Questions' with comedian and actor Tom Arnold. The magazine can be purchased online or at select vintage magazine stores.

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