Playboy Magazine, December 1995

July 24, 2023 in PlayBoy 90s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, December 1995

The December 1995 issue of Playboy Magazine is packed with compelling interviews, insightful articles, and captivating pictorials.

Kicking things off is the 'Playboy Interview', a candid conversation with the legendary boxer George Foreman. This is followed by an intriguing article, 'Very Weird Science', that explores the peculiarities of our universe.

The visual feast begins with 'Sex Stars 1995', a pictorial celebration of the year's most alluring figures. The issue also delves into the vibrant energy of the holiday season with 'Christmas in Las Vegas', an article that provides an inside look into Sin City during the most festive time of the year.

The 'Playboy's Christmas Gift Collection' offers some unique gifting ideas, and 'The Witch Door' presents a captivating fictional tale.

The 'Playboy Gallery' spotlights 'Tula', and the 'Dear Santa' segment promises a humorous take on holiday wish lists. The iconic Bettie Page is celebrated in another pictorial, while 'Chronicles of the Dead' offers an insightful article.

In the 'Playmate of the Month' feature, 'Torrid Torres' captures the spotlight. The 'Party Jokes' section is sure to bring a smile, while the article 'Terrorism? Says Who?' discusses a contentious global issue.

The modern living segment 'All She Wants for Christmas' offers more holiday gifting ideas, and 'Bonding Your Wardrobe' provides fashion tips for the season. The 'Playboy Profile' presents the 'Babe of the Year', while 'The Sex-Friendly Apartment' offers advice for making your living space more intimate.

The issue rounds off with a pictorial of the stunning Farrah Fawcett, another modern living segment, 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas', and '20 Questions' with the renowned author and journalist, Dominick Dunne.

The magazine can be purchased online or at select vintage magazine stores.

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