Playboy Magazine, July 1983

July 14, 2023 in PlayBoy 80s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, July 1983

The July 1983 issue of Playboy Magazine is loaded with entertaining interviews, engaging articles, and alluring pictorials.

Baseball's rowdy genius, Earl Weaver, takes center stage in a candid Playboy interview. Known for his fiery temper and strategic acumen, Weaver provides fascinating insights into his successful career and his views on America's favorite pastime.

The issue also features an engaging conversation with Albert Brooks, hailed as "the funniest white man in America". This interview showcases Brooks' wit and humor, providing a glimpse into the mind of this comedy genius.

In the realm of cinema, actress Carrie Fisher answers 20 questions, offering an in-depth look into her life and experiences in Hollywood. Known best for her role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars series, Fisher's charismatic personality shines through in her responses.

Technology enthusiasts will be intrigued by John Sack's report, "Hello, Mudda, Hello, Fadda, Here I am at Camp Computa". This article delves into the world of the 'nerds', revealing their lifestyle and their significant influence on the digital revolution.

This issue also includes a playful retrospective of James Bond's sultriest co-stars. From Ursula Andress to Barbara Bach, this feature revisits some of the most memorable women who graced the screen alongside 007.

In a unique feature, Playboy readers get the chance to voice their preferences on experimental sex, providing a candid and often intriguing glimpse into changing attitudes and desires.

This July 1983 issue of Playboy Magazine continues its tradition of delivering captivating interviews, pictorials, and insightful articles, available on various online platforms and select vintage magazine stores. Uncover the blend of content that continues to position Playboy as an iconic name in adult entertainment and lifestyle.

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