Playboy Magazine, January 1986

July 17, 2023 in PlayBoy 80s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, January 1986

The January 1986 issue of Playboy Magazine offers a wealth of interviews, pictorials, articles, and humor, maintaining Playboy's heritage of engaging entertainment and thought-provoking content.

The edition commences with a revealing Playboy Interview with Dr. Ruth Westheimer, where the famed sex therapist discusses her life, career, and views on sexual education and intimacy. Readers can delve into a fictional world with the story 'Miss Forbes's Summer of Happiness' penned by renowned author Gabriel García Márquez. The issue also brings attention to serious societal issues through an article titled 'Reagan and the Revival of Racism', providing a comprehensive critique of Reagan's policies and their impact. The 'Double Take' pictorial and the Playmate of the Month feature - 'Rare Sherry', provide visually striking content for the readers. This issue of Playboy offers a perfect blend of entertainment, information, and visual appeal.

This edition of Playboy Magazine is now available for purchase online and at select vintage magazine stores.

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