Playboy Magazine, January 1977

July 11, 2023 in PlayBoy 70s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, January 1977

The January 1977 issue of Playboy Magazine provides an array of intriguing content for readers, with everything from revealing interviews to humorous compilations.

The magazine opens with an interview with acclaimed author Alex Haley. In this candid conversation, Haley provides an inside look at the fascinating story behind his landmark book, "Roots."

Another notable feature in this issue is the first part of a new book by Mike McGrady titled "The Motel Tapes." This series presents conversations overheard in a single motel room over the course of a year, resulting in a rich tapestry of funny, sad, and sexy dialogues that paint a vivid picture of life in America.

This issue also includes a pictorial of model Barbara Leigh. Titled "Natural Leigh," this second installment follows a previous pictorial of Leigh in the magazine's May 1973 issue.

The issue offers a critical look at the Patty Hearst trial, with an article from Paul Krassner titled "The Parts Left Out of the Patty Hearst Trial." As the publisher of The Realist, pioneer Yippie, and member of the It's-All-a-Conspiracy Club, Krassner provides a unique perspective on the notorious trial.

In addition, the magazine includes a humorous compilation of "Great Comeback Lines" from renowned figures like Dorothy Parker, Mark Twain, and Winston Churchill. For film enthusiasts, the magazine provides a pictorial of scenes from the unusual French pornographic film, "Spermula."

Finally, readers are invited to explore an insightful article by Dan Greenburg titled "You Are What You Est." After experiencing the fashionable mind-bending operation firsthand, Greenburg shares his unsure feelings about this new trend.

Copies of this issue might be available from vintage magazine stores or online platforms that specialize in retro publications.

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