Playboy Magazine, August 1977

July 11, 2023 in PlayBoy 70s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, August 1977

The August 1977 issue of Playboy Magazine is brimming with compelling interviews, adventurous pictorials, sports insights, life discussions, and riveting fiction.

In an exclusive interview, Henry Winkler, popularly known as "Fonzie" from the TV show "Happy Days," sheds light on aspects of his life and career that are largely unknown to his young fanbase. This candid conversation promises to reveal a side of Winkler that diverges from his on-screen persona.

This issue also includes an adventurous pictorial featuring Patti McGuire and her friends as they conquer the Colorado River. Filled with stunning imagery and excitement, this feature is sure to thrill readers with a sense of adventure.

For sports enthusiasts, the magazine offers a professional football forecast, providing valuable insights and predictions for the upcoming season.

Additionally, the issue delves into the perils of living together, discussing the challenges and nuances of cohabitation. This deep dive is likely to resonate with readers who are navigating the complex dynamics of sharing living space with a partner.

Rounding out the content is a thrilling spy story from renowned author John Le Carre. Titled "Death, Drugs, and the Double Cross," this new tale is packed with suspense, intrigue, and Le Carre's signature storytelling finesse.

The August 1977 issue of Playboy is a captivating blend of interviews, adventures, sports, lifestyle discussions, and engaging fiction.

Look for this issue in vintage magazine stores or on online platforms specializing in old and collector's magazines.

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