Playboy Magazine, February 1981

July 12, 2023 in PlayBoy 80s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, February 1981

The February 1981 issue of Playboy magazine provides a unique mix of stimulating interviews, comprehensive reviews, insider stories, and notable features.

The magazine opens with an exclusive "Playboy Interview," where talk show host Tom Snyder candidly bites the hand that feeds him, providing a revealing insight into his broadcast career and opinions on the media industry.

In a comprehensive feature, the magazine reviews the "Year in Sex", providing an intriguing overview of trends and events that shaped attitudes and expressions of sexuality in the past year.

Media legend Walter Cronkite gets a deserving tribute in "Cronkite's Last Stand", highlighting his career and influence on American journalism.

"Peanuts in the State Department: Hodding Carter's Personal File" provides a first-hand account from the former Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, offering readers a rare peek into the inner workings of the State Department.

Additional content includes special features from actor David Carradine and renowned author Donald E. Westlake. In other features, the magazine provides an in-depth look into motorcycles, resort wear, and the latest electronic games. This issue concludes with a tantalizing pictorial "Playmate Roommates: Imagine These Girls Next Door".

For those interested in a stimulating blend of interviews, stories, reviews, and visually pleasing pictorials, this issue is a must-have. This vintage magazine is a fascinating read for enthusiasts and collectors, available in specialty magazine stores or online platforms for old magazines.

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