Playboy Magazine, December 2008

Aug. 7, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, December 2008

Playboy's December 2008 issue concludes the year with an eclectic mix of content to suit a wide range of interests:

  • "AGENDA FOR A NEW ERA" is a letter by former senator Gary Hart, offering wisdom and guidance to the incoming president on what it takes to succeed in office.
  • "CLASSIC CARTOONS OF CHRISTMAS PAST" unwraps seven nostalgic cartoons from the Playboy archives, bringing holiday cheer and nostalgia.
  • "THE ENDLESS COMEBACKS OF RICKY WILLIAMS" by Pat Jordan explores the tumultuous career of NFL star Ricky Williams and his struggles with suspensions and drug tests.
  • "THE PLAYBOY HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE" offers a carefully curated list of gifts ranging from cigars to Smart cars.
  • "TIP-OFF '09: PLAYBOY'S COLLEGE BASKETBALL PREVIEW" by David Kaplan presents an analysis of the upcoming college basketball season, with predictions, highlights, and insights.
  • "GRANDE VENTI MOCHA OPRAH CHAI" by comedian Denis Leary humorously examines Oprah Winfrey's influence on American culture.
  • "COMIC HEROES" features four authors (Margaret Atwood, Jonathan Lethem, Walter Mosley, and Jodi Picoult) sharing their love for their favorite superheroes.
  • "PLAYBOY'S MUSIC POLL 2008" rounds up the year's top music, with interviews with Scott Weiland, Katy Perry, and Ice Cube.
  • "THE PLAYBOY BAR: SCOTCH" delves into the rich lore and flavor of Scotland's signature whisky.


  • "BLOOD'S A ROVER" by James Ellroy, an explosive excerpt from his new novel, takes readers back to the tumultuous summer of 1968.


  • "ROSARIO DAWSON" talks to Stephen Rebello about her diverse career, challenging childhood, and provocative roles.
  • "HUGH JACKMAN" shares with Michael Fleming his experience with horses, his early indiscretions, and handling devoted fans.


  • "SEX IN CINEMA 2008" celebrates the year's most sizzling on-screen moments.
  • "VIRTUALLY PERFECT" showcases video-game vixens in a new light.
  • "PLAYMATE: JENNIFER AND NATALIE CAMPBELL" brings double the celebration with identical twin Playmates.
  • "THE HUNT FOR THE 55TH ANNIVERSARY PLAYMATE" teases next month's special feature.
  • "CAROL ALT IN THE RAW" highlights the allure of supermodel Carol Alt, embracing raw beauty.

This edition's mix of humor, culture, sports, music, fiction, interviews, and pictorials provides an engaging wrap-up to the year, reflecting the multifaceted interests of Playboy readers.

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