Playboy Magazine, September 2008

Aug. 7, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, September 2008

The September 2008 issue of Playboy offers a vibrant mix of articles, stories, interviews, and pictorials:

  • "YOUNG GUNS" by Stephen Davis takes readers back to the wild days of Guns N' Roses, exploring the band's early struggles, lifestyle, and rise to fame.
  • "FAST COMPANY" by Ken Gross presents a thrilling journey through the past 25 years of the world's fastest production cars, including the formidable SSC Ultimate Aero.
  • "PLAYBOY'S 2008 PIG SKIN PREVIEW" by Gary Cole analyzes the upcoming college football season, predicting the top teams and potential upsets.
  • "SWINGING FROM A TO Z" is an intriguing guide to the world of swinging in 2008, discussing how the internet has revolutionized this sexual lifestyle.
  • "NOBODY MOVE, PART THREE" continues Denis Johnson's riveting modern noir series, where characters grapple with revenge and a million-dollar plot.
  • "THE REAL MCCAIN" by John W. Dean critiques Republican presidential nominee John McCain's alignment with Barry Goldwater's conservatism and examines McCain's character traits.
  • Exclusive interviews with Anna Faris and Dana White reveal their insights on careers, dating, and more.
  • Pictorials spice up the issue, with "GEEK LOVE" showcasing Amanda Corey, "PLAYMATE: VALERIE MASON" bringing a Southern charm, and "PAGE 3 GIRLS" inviting a taste of the U.K.'s topless tabloids.

With an engaging blend of rock-and-roll history, political insight, sport predictions, intimate interviews, and visually alluring content, the September 2008 edition of Playboy is set to entertain and provoke thought across a variety of tastes and interests. Whether the reader is looking to reminisce about Guns N' Roses, stay ahead of the college football curve, explore sexual boundaries, or simply enjoy stunning visuals, this issue offers a stimulating experience.

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