Playboy Magazine, August 2011

Aug. 10, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, August 2011

The August 2011 edition of Playboy brings together a stimulating blend of features, interviews, pictorials, and columns. Dive into this compelling issue to find:


  • "An Afro in the Cosmos": Reggie Watts's offbeat comedic genius is explored by Anthony Bozza, highlighting how Watts stands in a creative class of his own.
  • "Goldeneye": An inside tour of the Jamaican beach paradise where Ian Fleming crafted the thrilling adventures of James Bond.
  • "Shock Value": Jason Zinoman unveils the transformation of the horror genre by innovative minds like Wes Craven and Sean Cunningham, showing how they brought the true terror back to horror films.
  • "After Midnight": A guide to the best late-night party spots across 14 U.S. cities, ensuring a thrilling night out for readers.
  • "Live Nude Models": Jonathan Lethem contemplates the age-old question: Is it sexier to imagine a woman's naked body or to see it in the flesh?


  • James Franco: In a candid conversation with Stephen Rebello, the versatile actor discusses the Oscars, his penchant for multitasking, and the public's fascination with his sexuality.


  • "Camp Playboy": An adult take on summer camp, complete with Playmates and endless fun.
  • "Playmate: Iryna Ivanova": Meet Miss August, a stunning beauty who boasts both alluring curves and savvy business skills.
  • "Charlie Sheen's Goddess Has Left the Building": An insider's look at Bree Olson and the explosive combination of "two goddesses and a warlock."


  • "I, Scumbag": Editor of Deadspin, A.J. Daulerio, opens up about his role in the downfall of more than a few public figures, revealing his complex relationship with his work.
  • "Friends, Benefits, and the Art of the Booty Call": Columnist Lisa Lampanelli shares her humorous take on no-strings-attached sexual encounters and how to navigate them successfully—or not.

The August 2011 issue of Playboy delivers a multi-faceted reading experience that will entertain and challenge readers, combining cultural exploration, celebrity insights, artistic appreciation, and the iconic Playboy allure. Whether you're seeking entertainment, intellectual stimulation, or simply a pleasurable read, this issue has something to offer.

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