Playboy Magazine, March 2011

Aug. 10, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, March 2011

The March 2011 edition of Playboy Magazine presents a rich and diverse array of articles, stories, and images.

In the feature section, HOWARD KURTZ exposes the tabloid antics that became John Edwards's nightmare during the 2008 presidential election, showcasing the unexpected power of the media's lesser-known players. CHIP ROWE's fascinating investigation into the love life of our ancestors with Neanderthals offers a compelling mix of history and anthropology. The poignant story by JAMES R. PETERSEN of a motorcycle enthusiast who embarks on a treacherous journey through South America, even as his vision deteriorates, resonates with adventure and the human spirit.

The issue's interview section brings readers up close and personal with spirituality guru Deepak Chopra, who openly discusses his views on sex, politics, science, and even his experiences with hallucinogenic drugs. Seth Green, the multifaceted actor, producer, and comedian, shares insights into his work, including a secret project with George Lucas, and muses on the allure of nerds.

The fiction department unveils a striking piece by TC BOYLE, where a dog exposes a man's savage character. Pictorials this month transport readers to the stunning landscapes of the Mediterranean, introduce the lively Miss March, Ashley Mattingly, and reveal the breathtaking beauty of Winter Ave Zoli, known for her role in Sons of Anarchy.

Columns explore the choice to live without a telephone, an homage by Nick Tosches, and a humorous guide on "How to be a Mean Boy" by Lisa Lampanelli.

Overall, this issue offers a broad spectrum of content, blending the serious with the sensual, the humorous with the profound. Whether it's politics, culture, humor, or beauty, the March 2011 edition of Playboy captures the essence of modern life.

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