Playboy Magazine, August 2010

Aug. 9, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, August 2010

The August 2010 edition of Playboy presents a stimulating assortment of features, interviews, fiction, and pictorials. Here's a taste of what's inside:


  • "Letter to Demi": Will Blythe's thoughtful meditation on the grace of aging and the allure of older women.
  • "Supply Side Superhero": A look at Larry Kudlow's transformation and his dedication to free-market ideals, written by Karl Taro Greenfeld.
  • "Back in the Saddle": James R. Petersen reports on a second British invasion, this time of motorcycles.
  • "Mexico: The Inside Dope": An in-depth view of Mexico's increasingly deadly drug war, detailed by Josh Schollmeyer.
  • "Playboy's Guide to America's Greatest Bars": A curated guide to the must-visit bars in America by nightlife expert Steve Garbarino.


  • Cornel West: The noted Princeton professor speaks with David Hochman about why the idea of a postracial America is a fallacy.
  • Michael Cera: Known for his unique deadpan style, the actor chats with Eric Spitznagel.


  • "Stardust": A tale by Christopher Sorrentino of a disgraced shock jock working at an unimpressive Silicon Valley radio station.


  • "La Chatte": Maureen Gibbon writes an intriguing piece on the scent of a woman.


  • "Endless Summer": A tribute to the beauty of tan lines and summer's delights with stunning Brazilian models.
  • Playmate Francesca Frigo: The Venezuelan beauty brings Miami heat to the pages with her striking presence.
  • Crista Flanagan: Known for her diverse roles on MADtv and Mad Men, she brings excitement and originality.

The issue also features original Mad Man George Lois attacking popular shows, adding an intriguing perspective.

From thought-provoking essays to thrilling fiction and breathtaking pictorials, the August 2010 issue of Playboy brings together a vibrant mix of content, delivering entertainment, insight, and allure in equal measure.

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