Playboy Magazine, April 1981

July 12, 2023 in PlayBoy 80s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, April 1981

The April 1981 issue of Playboy Magazine offers a special treat for music lovers while serving up its usual blend of interviews, compelling stories, and lifestyle advice.

In the music special, Playboy reveals the winners of its annual music poll and presents an exclusive feature on Willie Nelson, the icon of country music. In an even more poignant piece, the issue publishes "The John Lennon Songbook," featuring the late musician's final words on the Beatles' music.

Showcasing the ever-popular pictorial, the magazine features "The Girls of Kokomo," proving that there is indeed more than meets the eye back home in Indiana.

On the practical advice front, readers get invaluable tips on "How to Give the IRS a Run for Your Money," providing guidance on navigating the daunting world of taxes.

In a significant exposé, Congressional wife Rita Jenrette shares her own liberating story in both words and pictures, presenting a deeply personal narrative that breaks the mold.

Rounding out the issue, the magazine presents a candid "Playboy Interview" with the famous actor Ed Asner, popularly known for his role in "Lou Grant."

The April 1981 issue of Playboy is a tour-de-force of captivating music features, candid interviews, and enlightening articles. This vintage magazine is a fascinating read for enthusiasts and collectors, available in specialty magazine stores or online platforms for old magazines.

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