Playboy Magazine October 1961 Issue - Fashion Forecast, Jazz, Billionaire's Tale, and Classic Humor

July 1, 2023 in PlayBoy 60s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine October 1961 Issue

In the October 1961 issue of Playboy, readers are greeted with a rich mix of content. “The Ninth Score” kicks off the issue with an engaging piece of fiction. The magazine then ventures into the latest trends with "Playboy's Fall & Winter Fashion Forecast". The sports enthusiasts are treated with a nostalgic fiction piece titled “The Year the Yankees Won the Pennant”. “Par for the Bar” gives a glimpse into modern living, and J. Paul Getty's article “How I Made My First Billion” offers insights into the billionaire mindset.

The Playmate of the Month section introduces "Nature Girl", and as always, Playboy's Party Jokes offers a dose of humor. Additional fiction includes “Conversation with a Bug”, and the issue takes an extra-terrestrial turn with "Take Me to Your Leader". “Anthology of Pros” brings a pictorial perspective, while “Creme De La Creme” explores gastronomic delights. Nostalgia takes center stage with “The Labors of Love”, and music enthusiasts are offered a piece on the renowned composer Stravinsky.

The issue also delves into the history of bathing with William Iversen’s “A Short History of Bathing”, and continues with humorous content like “Bojo Rolo Takes Two to Tango”. For jazz lovers, “The 1962 Playboy Jazz Poll” offers insights and polls on the jazz scene. “The Big Dog” stands as the issue’s ribald classic, while "On The Scene" covers personalities. The issue wraps up with "Playboy's International Datebook" guiding readers on travel, and Patrick Chase's "The Student" offers a satirical take on academia.

Contributors like Ken Purdy, Robert L. Green, Jeremy Dole, Jack Sharkey, Gerald Walker, Chip Reay, Thomas Mario, Anatole Broyard, Roland Gelatt, William E. Massee, and Jules Feiffer add richness to this diverse issue.

Collectors and enthusiasts can find this issue in vintage magazine shops or through online platforms specializing in vintage publications. Digital versions may also be available.

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