Playboy Magazine, November 2004

Aug. 2, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, November 2004

The November 2004 issue of Playboy takes readers into an array of visual, fictional, and thought-provoking content.

The pictorials section begins with "American Beauty," showcasing beautiful pictures of a now-grown-up Miss United States Teen. Next up is the "Playmate: Cara Zavaleta," the queen of Road Rules: South Pacific, who graces the pages of the magazine with no clothes. The return of "Brooke Burke" is also featured, offering images of her flawless body in a different exotic location.

"Centerfolds on Sex: Divini Rae" provides insights into the sexual acrobatics of Divini Rae, treading the fine line between rough and gentle sex.

In "Taboo Sex," author Toni Bentley, a former ballerina, pens an erotic essay that outlines her love affair with anal sex, from her first experience to the transcendent encounters that led her to spiritual revelation.

"St. Mark's Day" is a fiction piece by Rod Liddle that navigates readers through the midlife crises of a bug in Flyworld where insects fornicate and frolic freely.

The Playboy Interview for this issue features Oliver Stone, the controversial director of biopics about JFK, Nixon, and Castro, and the upcoming film about Alexander the Great. Stone steps out from behind the camera to share his views on a variety of topics, including whether he'd make a movie about Bush, how Platoon would be if set in Iraq, and whether his dad really hired a prostitute to devirginize him.

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