Playboy Magazine, November 1969 Issue

July 6, 2023 in PlayBoy 60s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, November 1969 Issue

The November 1969 issue of Playboy Magazine contains a mix of political commentary, entertainment, and social issues. Drew Pearson and U.S. Representative Richard Bolling take an investigative look into the workings of Congress, questioning if it truly serves the people.

The issue begins a new suspense-comedy by renowned author Graham Greene. A significant highlight of this issue is an interview with Jesse Jackson, a civil rights activist, shedding light on his aspirations and endeavors for racial justice. The magazine offers a 14-page feature examining the sexual revolution in cinema in 1969. Moreover, Ernest Havemann discusses the latest alternatives to Freudian analysis, potentially providing insights into evolving psychotherapy techniques. Ken W. Purdy selects 1970’s cars for Playboy, while there's an inside scoop on the Rolling Stones with a focus on Mick Jagger. Additionally, the issue features an article on skiing in New England.

Collectors or enthusiasts interested in this issue can look into vintage magazine stores, online platforms like eBay, or specialized websites dealing with classic publications. Digital formats may also be available for those seeking a convenient reading experience.

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