Playboy Magazine, May 1988

July 18, 2023 in PlayBoy 80s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, May 1988

The May 1988 issue of Playboy Magazine delivers a unique blend of insightful interviews, riveting articles, fashion tips, humor, and breathtaking pictorials.

In the 'Playboy Interview,' famous boxing promoter Don King engages in a candid conversation, offering an intimate look into his controversial career and personal life.

'Slow, Slow Burn' is a compelling fiction piece from renowned author George Alec Effinger. 'Star Treat' is a pictorial showcasing alluring images that are sure to captivate the reader.

'The Fitness Myth' article by William Barry Furlong challenges common misconceptions about exercise and health. 'High Noon at G.M.' dives into the fascinating world of the automotive industry with an article by Albert Lee.

'Helmut's Angels' introduces readers to a modern living concept, while the artistic genius of Ralph Steadman is showcased in 'The Twisted Vision of Ralph Steadman,' with text by Hunter S. Thompson.

'Lively Artist' features the Playboy's Playmate of the Month, and 'Playboy's Party Jokes' offers a dose of humor. 'A Small Matter of Consumer Protection' presents a captivating fiction piece by George V. Higgins.

The '20 Questions' section features accomplished actress Teri Garr. 'Wicked Willie's Low-Down on Men' by Gray Jolliffe and Peter Mayle offers a humorous take on men's behaviors.

'Casual Classics' offers fashion advice by Hollis Wayne. 'I Signed Nolan Ryan for Eight Dollars' is an intriguing article by Kevin Cook about the famed baseball player. Lastly, 'Kathy Goes Hollywood' is a pictorial that takes the reader behind the scenes of Hollywood glamour.

The May 1988 issue of Playboy Magazine is available for purchase online and in select vintage magazine stores.

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