Playboy Magazine, March-April 2017

Aug. 14, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, March-April 2017

The March-April 2017 issue of Playboy Magazine is an engaging blend of topical insights, celebrity encounters, lifestyle explorations, and sensual aesthetics. Here's what's inside:


  • SEX: A candid and informative review of 11 modern condoms from both a male and female perspective.
  • CULTURE: The rap duo Run the Jewels contributes to the charged political atmosphere with their distinctive soundtrack.
  • LIFESTYLE: Explore the renewed popularity of the martini and its status as the eternal cool cocktail.
  • PLAYBOY ADVISOR: Bridget Phetasy tackles intriguing topics like "fuckboys," celibacy, and the recent election.


  • INTERVIEW with Scarlett Johansson: The "Ghost in the Shell" star reflects on her superwoman persona.
  • HOW DO YOU DATE WHEN YOU'RE SAVING THE WORLD?: Exploring love and dating for humanitarians.
  • VAN JONES: REAL AMERICAN HERO: A look into CNN host Van Jones's world amid the Trump era.
  • FICTION - "Supercops" by Liesl Schillinger: An 18-year-old girl's unique lesson in seduction.
  • 20Q with Adam Scott: The "Parks and Recreation" actor discusses his upcoming epic year.
  • THE ULTIMATE MANUAL FOR GETTING SHIT DONE: A practical guide to self-improvement.
  • HOW TO LIVE THE HIGH LIFE: A quirky guide to pairing weed with "Simpsons" reruns.
  • FICTION - "The Domestic Lives of Superheroes" by John Hornor Jacobs: A humorous look at a mind-reading wife.
  • VIRTUAL SATISFACTION: A look at how erotica has entered the $30 billion VR industry.
  • HERITAGE: Reflecting on Playboy's longstanding relationship with pot culture.


  • THE BEATE GOES ON: Spend an afternoon with Latvian beauty Beate Muska.
  • RAINA SHINE: Pennsylvania's Raina Lawson embraces the West Coast lifestyle.
  • QUEEN ELIZABETH: Meet Miss March Elizabeth Elam, the epitome of the girl-next-door.
  • LAZY SUNDAYS: London's Tess Jantschek celebrates stay-in-bed Sundays.
  • THE FEMINIST MYSTIQUE: Actress Scarlett Byrne argues that nudity and feminism can coexist.
  • HURRICANE NINA: Miss April Nina Daniele sparks anticipation for summer pool days.
  • PLAYMATES AT PLAY: Join Playmates Rachel Harris, Alyssa Arce, Gia Marie, and Kayslee Collins for old-school gaming.

Whether it's the intellectual stimulation from political discourse and literary fiction or the visual allure of stunning photography, the March-April 2017 issue of Playboy Magazine has something to captivate every reader. With a blend of modern themes and timeless charm, it continues to define the intersection of culture, entertainment, and sensuality.

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