Playboy Magazine, March 1979

July 11, 2023 in PlayBoy 70s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, March 1979

Playboy Magazine's March 1979 issue provides an eclectic mix of interviews, surveys, fiction, and features.

This issue highlights a candid conversation with Ted Patrick, known as a one-man blitzkrieg against religious cults. He defends his deprogramming methods, warns of the dangers he believes cults pose to America, and discusses his unsuccessful attempts to infiltrate Jim Jones's People's Temple before the tragic events in Guyana.

The Playboy report presents a comprehensive survey revealing the motivations, thoughts, and aspirations of the American male in his prime years.

From the world of fiction, Joseph Heller, the author of "Catch-22", presents an excerpt from his new novel "Good as Gold", where the protagonist discovers that anybody can be influential in Washington, as long as he has a tall wife.

A pictorial feature presents Denise Crosby in a new light, demonstrating her innate ability to entertain without the need for song, unlike her grandfather.

Former Senator James Abourezk gives an insider's look into the lobbying, cajoling, arm-twisting, and dishonesty that he found unbearable in American politics.

Craig Vetter recounts his terrifying experience performing at a comedy club, sharing his comedy routine script and an interview with comedy-club graduate Robin Williams.

Finally, a guide on selecting the perfect pair of shoes from David Platt concludes the issue, asserting that sometimes the right pair of shoes can do more for a man than any other piece of apparel.

This vintage issue is a valuable addition to any Playboy collection and can be found in vintage magazine stores or on online platforms that specialize in old and collector's magazines.

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