Playboy Magazine, July 1985

July 16, 2023 in PlayBoy 80s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, July 1985

Playboy's July 1985 issue provides a diverse array of content ranging from exclusive interviews to engaging articles, engrossing fiction, alluring pictorials, humor, and a comprehensive fashion section, not to mention sports and a modern living section.

Kick off your reading with a candid conversation in the Playboy Interview featuring the talented director and actor, Rob Reiner.

Dive into an interesting exploration of leadership with the "Who's In Charge Here?" article, and admire the breathtaking "Amazing Grace" pictorial.

Get lost in the intriguing worlds of "Heirs of the Perisphere" and "Breathe Deep," both thought-provoking fiction pieces, and keep up with the latest summer trends in "And The Heat Goes On" fashion segment.

Meet Playboy's Playmate of the Month in "Just Having Fun," and have a laugh with "Playboy's Party Jokes."

Learn from the experiences of a notable figure in "American Hero," a memoir, and get inspired by the "Playboy By Design" modern living feature.

Refresh yourself with "The Summertime Brews" drink segment and explore the impacts of technology on life in "The VCR Ate My Brain" article.

For sports enthusiasts, "Volleyball Gods" is a must-read. Enjoy the allure of "Sheer Madness" and "GI Jo" pictorials.

Experience humor in a different way with "Swimming Taught Scientifically" and get practical tips from "And Three To Go!"

Finally, satisfy your curiosity with "20 Questions: Jamie Lee Curtis," featuring the famed actress, and enjoy some laughs with "Playboy Funnies."

This edition of Playboy Magazine is now available for purchase online and at select vintage magazine stores.

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