Playboy Magazine, January 1999

July 26, 2023 in PlayBoy 90s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, January 1999

Ringing in the new year, the January 1999 issue of Playboy provides a captivating blend of interviews, pictorials, and thought-provoking articles.

Starting off with a candid conversation in the 'Playboy Interview,' Michael Crichton, a prominent writer who's been successful in both Hollywood and the best-seller lists, shares his secrets to success.

'Last Words for a Century,' an article by America's favorite visionary, Kurt Vonnegut, asks, "Where the Fuh-kar-wee?" as he turns to Kilgore Trout for answers.

In the pictorial segment, fashion's bad boy, Thierry Mugler, showcases what he means by erotic in 'Thierry Mugler's Sex Couture.'

A compelling piece of fiction, 'An Affair,' by Bruce Jay Friedman, chronicles the intense relationship between two people that ends abruptly.

The issue also includes a holiday-themed 'Eleventh-Hour Santa' for late gift ideas, and 'Chicken Little Goes Global,' an article by William Greider that delves into the potential collapse of the global economy.

The issue concludes with the 'Sex Stars of the Century' pictorial, paying homage to the women who have added sizzle to the past 100 years, from Marilyn Monroe to Ursula Andress to Sharon Stone.

This Playboy Magazine issue is available for purchase online or in select vintage magazine stores.

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