Playboy Magazine, February 1984

July 15, 2023 in PlayBoy 80s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, February 1984

The February 1984 issue of Playboy Magazine presents a diverse mix of insightful interviews, engaging articles, enticing pictorials, and unique special features.

Starting with a candid interview with Paul Simon, an influential singer-songwriter known for his profound lyrics and innovative music. The Playboy Interview offers an in-depth look into Simon's life and career.

An engaging article titled "Self-Destruction of an All-American... Art Schlichter with Dick Schaap" provides readers with an insider's perspective on the tumultuous career of professional football player Art Schlichter. For the wine connoisseur, Emanuel Greenberg pens an interesting article, "O Beautiful For Spacious Wines," exploring the world of American wines.

The magazine showcases an intriguing pictorial, "101 Nights with Johnny," that promises to entertain readers, along with another feature titled "Cover Stories," displaying some of Playboy's most iconic covers.

Readers can take "The Entrepreneur Quiz" to assess their business acumen, while the sports section presents an intriguing article titled "The Snow Gods," dedicated to winter sports.

A personality profile, "So Hot, So Cool, So Hurt," and a fashion segment, "The Lowdown on Sweaters," add more depth to this issue. The humor section continues with "Playboy's Party Jokes" and the satirical series "Bernard and Huey."

The pictorial "Women of Steel" offers a visual treat, while the magazine's traditional feature "Playboy's Playmate of the Month" introduces a new Playmate to readers.

This issue also includes a segment on modern living titled "The Italian Connection" and an entertaining piece, "Macho Sushi." To wrap up, the issue features 20 Questions with Shelley Long, best known for her role as Diane Chambers on the popular sitcom "Cheers."

The February 1984 issue of Playboy Magazine, full of compelling interviews, articles, pictorials, and special features, is available for purchase on various online platforms and at select vintage magazine stores.

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