Playboy Magazine, December 2014

Aug. 12, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, December 2014

The December 2014 issue of Playboy offers an artful blend of aesthetics, celebrity, and lifestyle:

  • Art & Soul: A captivating photo spread featuring Lindsay Jones as she sunbathes on a Brooklyn roof, adding a touch of unexpected beauty to the urban landscape.
  • First Mate: Miss December's radiant appearance in an Arctic fantasy setting, creating a scene so warm it might just impact global temperatures.
  • Garden of Earthly Delights: Lauren Estrada and Polina Putilova present an artistic portrayal that reimagines flowers, giving them a whole new vision of beauty to aspire to.
  • Holiday Gift Guide: In search of the perfect present? Look no further. This guide offers a curated selection of unique and desirable gifts to suit every taste and budget.
  • 200 With Charlie Day: A special feature with actor Charlie Day, known for his roles in "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and other popular productions.
  • Ghetto Gastro: The New Culinary Cool Kids: A look at Ghetto Gastro, a Bronx-based culinary collective that's redefining the intersection of food, design, and art in the community.
  • The NBA's Heyday: A nostalgic dive into the golden era of professional basketball, recalling some of the sport's most unforgettable moments.
  • America's Toughest Lawyer: Meet the lawyer who’s renowned for taking on the most challenging and high-stakes cases in the nation.
  • Interview with Joaquin Phoenix: The enigmatic Hollywood actor opens up in a candid and compelling interview, revealing insights into his life, craft, and thoughts on fame.

This issue's diverse selection of topics, ranging from visual art to culinary innovation, sports nostalgia, legal prowess, and Hollywood celebrity, encapsulates the multifaceted appeal of Playboy's content. The December 2014 issue serves as a fitting end to a year of engaging, provocative, and visually stunning editions of the magazine.

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