Playboy Magazine, August 1976

July 10, 2023 in PlayBoy 70s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, August 1976

The August 1976 issue of Playboy Magazine kicks off with reviews of various films, including Robert Altman's "Buffalo Bill and the Indians," "Missouri Breaks," and "The Blue Bird," offering readers an insight into the cinematic landscape of the time.

This edition features Mark Russell, the humorist from Washington D.C., spotlighting the intersection of comedy and politics. The music section highlights John McLaughlin's new gig and albums from the Rolling Stones and the Juilliard.

The book review section engages with Betty Friedan's interview and discusses works by Doris Kearns and Herbert Lieberman. A travel segment gives readers an insider's look at Tijuana, painting a colorful picture of the famous border town.

Two short stories bring a mix of satire and reality, discussing the impact of war policies and debunking the societal obsession with being 'great in bed'.

The issue continues with an interview with Robert Altman, the visionary director behind movies like "MAS*H" and "Nashville," offering insights into the deeper meanings of his films.

The article "The Wrath of God" recounts the previously untold story of how Israeli secret agents pursued Black September terrorists after the Munich Olympics.

The issue concludes with a dystopian fiction piece by William Harrison, "The Makeup Man," that depicts a future where beautiful women choose plastic surgery to become ugly, challenging conventional beauty norms.

Copies of this issue may be available from vintage magazine stores or online platforms.

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