Playboy January 1960 Issue - Playmate Review, Fiction, Satire & Art

June 30, 2023 in PlayBoy 60s by Wyatt Earp

 Playboy January 1960 Issue

Playboy’s January 1960 issue rings in the new year with an array of engaging content. One of the highlights is a “Five Page Playmate Review,” showcasing captivating images and insights into various Playmates.

The issue is replete with new fiction, satire, and articles by renowned authors and writers such as John Collier, Robert Graves, Richard Gehman, A.C. Spectorsky, Jerome Weidman, and Ray Russell. Each piece offers a unique perspective and enthralling stories to captivate the readers.

For the fans of cartoon humor, “Teevee Jeebies” by Silverstein returns with more hilarity. Additionally, the issue features a collection of cartoon humor by an ensemble of talented cartoonists including Jules Feiffer, Jack Cole, Arnold Roth, Jack Davis, L. Alden Erikson, and Gahan Wilson.

This January issue is an amalgamation of visual allure through the Playmate review, intellectual stimulation through fiction and articles, and light-hearted entertainment through cartoon humor.

Collectors and enthusiasts can find this issue in vintage magazine shops or through online platforms specializing in vintage publications. Digital versions may also be available.

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