Playboy August 1971 Issue - Bunnies of 1971, Interview with George McGovern, and Pro Football Preview

July 6, 2023 in PlayBoy 70s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy August 1971 Issue

Playboy's August 1971 issue features a vibrant collection of content, including ten pages dedicated to the "Bunnies of 1971," showcasing the charming women representing Playboy clubs.

A candid interview with the US Senator George McGovern offers insights into his political vision. Morton Hunt provides an intriguing analysis in his article titled "The Future of Marriage". Additionally, the issue also contains Playboy’s first-ever Pro Football Preview, which could be a treasure for sports enthusiasts.

This issue might be of interest to collectors and those curious about pop culture and societal perspectives during the early 1970s. Vintage magazine stores or online platforms may have copies of this issue for purchase.

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